Latest Movies

Movie2k has received many requests that we provide a latest movie category as the new movies 2015 2016 category provides movies that have not been released, which can be confusing for users. For this reason, the staff at Movie2k got to work right away to hand craft this new and exciting category called latest movies.

This category will allow a user to view the latest movies on DVD, theaters, and recently ripped movies. It will literally have just the latest content available, which will allow the visitor to find that new blockbuster within seconds, by just the click of a button. Beware, these are the Latest Movies, which means that not all movies are in HD quality. This is due to the fact that many of the movies in this category will be the latest movies that are still in theaters. This means that the copy was likely filmed in the theater, which means the quality will not be as good as HD.

Unfortunately this is one of the cons of watching the latest movies, they will not always be the best quality. Luckily, we have marked each film with an HD Symbol if they are HD quality. This will allow users to easily filter through the latest movies that are not HD, so they can bypass this issue. Once you find that latest movies that you have been craving, simply click the title or poster, and you will be directed to an embed movie that will allow you to watch the movie online by streaming.

We really hope you enjoy this new feature at Movie2k. If you have any comments, please feel free to leave one and we will take the comment into the highest priority. Enjoy your movies people